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May 8, 2002

Another AP up

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Ok I now have another AP up, with pretty much 360 deg coverage… We also extended my antenna height about 4m above the roof after a trip to the BBC place on Gardner’s rd… I can see the city from on top of my roof, I can also see a fair chunk of the eastern suburbs up to the big mobile tower in bondi junction etc etc etc My line of sight covering the innerwest suburbs is rather limited with hills in that direction…


I currently have SSID switched on both AP’s, they should come up as sw-ap1 and sw-ap2, these are setup with 2 x 180 deg wave guides, if you wish to use these, please drop me an email to let me know you’ve gotten a connection, so far the longest connection has been 9.3km, see if you can beat it I guess… (that was on the Franklin’s fruit salad cantenna too!!!)


Node email:
Node Name: evilbunny
Node Number: 1
Node Suburb: Arncliffe, near the public School
Node AP: 2 x AP
Node Antenna: back to back 180 deg.

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